Are you, or loved ones struggling or not coping very well financially and still need help with your health by using our Aloe Products from Aloe Vera Australia?

Some people ask if we have After Pay or Zip Pay which is like a payment plan.

However we offer something more convenient with no risk at all to persons in a difficult situation…with no obligation to ever pay the money back if they can not?

I know personally what its like to struggle when I was on my health journey many years ago so I wish to also help those in a similar predicament.

So if  you are genuinely struggling then we will send you the products with no money down and you can simply pay off the invoice in the next 1 year after you get the products. Or if you can’t pay the invoice off within one year then we will respect you regardless.

Does that suit youself or a person close to you?

The offer is available up to $100 value of products plus postage so simply email us at with your selection of aloe goods from our website with your delivery address and we will send them out (with the invoice) and with no further questions asked.

Please share this with another family member or a friend if the offer could suit them more than yourself.

Looking forward to serving you all for the highest good of all concerned.

Please email if you have any questions.

With Kindness