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The most Vibrant Alive Freshest Aloe Vera Juice I have ever tasted… my energy levels have increased dramatically!

Hello Saul,

I am placing another order with for more Aloe Juice as I am so happy with it!
Here is my personal experience of your Aloe Vera Juice Pure-Natural-Organic 99% Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice!

I have tried many Aloe Vera Juices of the years..

This one by far was the most Vibrant, Alive, and Freshest Aloe Vera Juice I have ever tasted, I couldn’t stop drinking it..
I have to have it now on a regular on going basis since consuming this my energy levels have increased dramatically!
I noticed this within my first one or two days of trying this.. and it has just got better, the vibrational energy of this marvelous Juice is very high’ and I work a lot with plants and their energy and vibrancy and this is simply superb..

Thank you again Saul and to all of your wonderful crew there, making this Beautiful Natures Tonic Beverage Available to us all to use in our daily lives! It certainly has uplifted mine.

With Sincerest Gratitude…..

 Deborah Carroll

Aloe Vera Powder for stiffness in Body

Hi Saul,

I have suffered from stiffness in the mornings for years and was a struggle to sit on floor and get up.I thought it was just old age (60). I would just like to let you know I have been taking your aloe vera (made from the powder) twice daily now for a few months and have no more stiffness and can sit on the floor and get up with ease. I have always used home grown aloe care for sunburn and never realized the plant had so many nutrients for internal use. I have tried both your liquid and dried and I prefer the dried. I am wary of many products on the market and I have trust in yours. Thank you so much. I am so happy to have discovered your product.

 Helen Upson (Australia)

It’s as though all the suffering was never there!


Thanks for the Aloe Vera Juice.

I have been really diligent with my Aloe intake daily  I am sleeping like never before! In the beginning of really dosing up every day, I slept so deeply,  like never ever before in my life!!! If was actually frightening!!

As I mentioned to you earlier…

I believe that this deep rest is helping my body to repair.  I know this is a profound thing to say, but I believe it to be true :) I am feeling so much better each and everyday.

  1. My hip has totally repaired (with Aloe Massage Pain Relief lotion, and approx 300 mls of aloe juice daily and powder aloe juice. After almost four years of debilating pain. It’s as though all the suffering was never there!)
  2. Sleeping deeply…. not that I had a problem before. But now.. I have amazing sleep.So much more energy, really!!! (Although have always been an early riser that has not changed, just my energy )
  3. MS symptoms, walking, balance, energy, far less nervousness/anxiety feelings.

But I must add I do have a very good nutrient rich diet, but I have now also included/added ALOE JUICE (big doses), and prayer…

I am very happy and enthused to keep going on this amazing healing journey!

Thank you Saul for making the Aloe Juice so affordable :)))


Aloe Powder for burning stomach pain


My friend wants to order more aloe powder (one for her and one for a friend) who is affected by similar burning pain in her stomach now and then and this disappears completely with a drink of Aloe Juice (made from the aloe powder) every day :) or every second day.. :0 She has tried lots of expensive medications before which have all been failures. They haven’t reduced the pain in anyway.. the Aloe vera juice (made from the Aloe Powder) is eliminating the pain completely. 100% success :)


 Alcy (Lismore Australia)

Aloe Powder for Busy Lifestyle and Energy

Hi Saul,

I would like to give you my testimonial after using your Aloe Vera since 25/08/14

I am currently working in Aged Care and needless to say that I am on the go a lot. lol
I noticed results from using the aloe in the powdered form within ONE DAY! My muscles weren’t as stiff and sore as they usually are.

At the end of the 5th day of using it I come home after work still feeling refreshed and there was NO PAIN WHATSOEVER in my joints and muscles.
I noticed I was sleeping better too, I had a wonderful sense of well being, my skin looked and felt wonderful (my co-workers were even noticing it!)

I don’t feel bloated any more. I went for a walk along the beach and for the first time in a VERY long time and I actually felt like going for a run!
I didn’t come home feeling all worn out. I’m breathing better, I can deal with stress better, I’m noticing MUCH less anxiety…
My body is absolutely loving Aloe Vera! No wonder this plant is called “The Plant of Immortality”

Everyone should know about how great Aloe Vera is.. it even helped my mother’s dog.. after spending loads of money trying to fix his skin condition, your aloe has cleared it up

Aloe Vera is a wonderful gift from Mother Earth, one that I plan to continually use in the future.

Warmest Regards,


Disgusting photos of Ucler – HEALED!

Tropical ulcer on the hip of a lady treated with a quality Aloe Vera extract. Significant results are evident!

Please click here to see photos..

Aloe Vera Powder for Gut problems

Hi Saul,

I have been using Aloe Vera for years to sort out stomach pains. I found Food Combining very essential also. Most of it is stress – we are very good at holding our hurts in our tummies. Now I’m ordering more dried Aloe Powder from you which seems to be working very efficiently. As I can afford to take it three times a day now I do.

Also I was using Alan Black’s Heat Rub which contained 70% Aloe and Eucalyptus but that is no longer available. It is like the Neways product and I used it for dermatitis successfully. I found Aloe and eucalyptus does not work on it own so we must also need the Methyl Salicitate or the Dimethicone in it as well. Have you anything containing those? In the meantime I intend to try adding tea tree to the mix to see how that works.


 Judy Minal

Aloe Powder – HOPE to Prevent a Major surgery.

Hay Saul,

I had a piece of your Aloe barbadensis leaf you gave me yesterday.Within a few hours i noticed VAST improvement compared to the medical aloe i had been using prior.

Thanks mate, I’m convinced your product has eliminated a future major surgery !!!!!!!!!!! I will get the bigger container of the Aloe powder from you when i finish this one

Thanks much


Aloe Vera Powder – SUPER STUFF

Hi Saul,

I was prompted me to order another batch of aloe vera powder. So I did – and it arrived the day after ordering! Thank you for the great products and matched service.

I will be using your product for a loooong time, SUPER STUFF

Happy aloe customer,


Aloe Powder – All over Good Health

Hi Saul

Thanks for the extra info you sent with the parcel.

I have been taking the Aloe Vera powder the end results are very good for my stomach lining, food assimilation and digesting, skin, healing internal and stiffness. All over good health is the purpose.

Anyway thank you.



Aloe Powder for Sleep

Dear Saul,

My wife and I are already personal converts to the health advantages and healing qualities of Aloe Vera, having used the gel sample you kindly gave me. My wife has also started to use the Aloe Vera drink powder, which she claims has improved the quality of her sleep, compared to her previous experiences of broken sleep.



Aloe Vera Powder Questions and Answers

July 1st 2014

Hi Saul,

I had been buying for myself for years to help my stomach and I have noticed in the last couple of years there are so many varieties of aloe powder but only a couple really good ones for internal. I received samples from 3 different companies last week and they were all this new white or ivory colored freeze dried stuff and it made me very sick, it kicked me into a major hypoglycemic attack and I was so dizzy, this has never happened before from taking the regular aloe powder I have always taken. I think it is more for cosmetics, etc. not internal. It may be what they are doing to it like you said heating high heats adding enzymes, etc. they smelled chemically, and the odor did not go away on my hands when I rubbed some on with water. They feel very slippery kinda like sugar and all the fiber is gone. I think it is kinda like white flour vs. whole wheat flour, not meant for internal use. This is just my opinion. The effects are definitely not the same as the one I had been taking.

So I am looking for the light beige or taupe powder just regular not the white or ivory new freeze dried or their terminology is Ultra Lock method. If you don’t sell this type can you refer me to a company who sells top quality aloe powder like I am are referring to. If you do have this type please let me know.

Thank You,

Our feedback below to Janet…

Hello Janet,

Thank you for your email and your experiences.

Yes you are correct as there is so many deceptions with Aloe and Aloe Vera Powder out there. We will not deceive you as our product is genuine and performs. We have many satisfied clients.

Currently we are providing a much higher quality Aloe Spray Dried Powder and also an Aloe Dehydrated Powder (rather than the Aloe Freeze Dried Powder)

Why choose our Aloe Vera Powder?


Most other producers of Aloe Freeze Dried and Spray Dried Aloe Powders have had enzyme treatments and are exposed to high heat.

Those freeze -dried aloe powder products and spray-dried aloe products are basically identical in final form and they are mostly produced from a 40X concentrate liquid in which all of the water has been pulled out of. Both forms are treated with enzymes in production of this 40X liquid concentrate thus losing the bulk majority of the so desired polysaccharide quality for health and wellness, these forms of Aloe powders are considered short-chain polysaccharide materials.


In the case of our Aloe Powders, their are NO Additives & NO preservatives and both our powder options are NEVER treated with enzymes NOR exposed to any high heat. Our state of the art facilities use the most advanced spray drying processing methods known today in the world so the material is handled less, giving less chance for contamination. The spray-dried material then produces a higher polysaccharide profile. The advanced spray-dried Aloe Vera is actually a much higher quality for this form of product.

These Aloe powder products are referred to as long-chain polysaccharide materials. More great reference regarding this via the publication by Bill McAnalley PhD “The science behind Aloe Vera”

Our Aloe Vera 200:1 Inner Leaf Spray Dried Powder is perfect for use in cosmetics and beverages.
Our Aloe Vera 100:1 Whole Leaf Spray Dried Powder is perfect for use in cosmetics and beverages.
Our High Performance 200:1 Inner leaf Dehydrated Aloe Powder is perfect for encapsulated nutritional products.

Data sheets are available at your request.

The best Aloe Vera product for your personal use is the premium Aloe Powder that is on our website. (not made in China)

Here the price works out at less than $3.00 per Litre Its a 1:1 product and similar to a 100% Aloe Vera Juice once mixed with clean water.

You can also see the data sheets on the website link at…


We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and performance of the product, that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee for you. No risk at all! We look forward to offer excellent service to you in the future if you decide to order our premium Aloe Powder option above.

Looking forward to your earliest response and next step!

Saul Goodman – International Sales


Aloe Vera Liquid for Pain

Dear Saul,

I received Aloe liquid and began using it straight away.
I have always had lower back problems, and stiffness in the morning and constant pain.
I had taken for a few days and began to feel such a difference pain/stiffness was subsiding, I was able to move freely!

This time round I am going to try the powder after reading the other results.
Thank you for such a wonderful product!


Aloe Liniment and Aloe Gel for inflamed skin that would not Heal!

I have suffered with a serious skin cancer on my forearm and after some successful operations and skin grafts all was OK and healed. Then two months ago I developed a small red spot that began to spread until it covered all the area of the skin graft. It was itchy and inflamed and red raw and also weeping and painful and it would not heal. I then sought professional advice and was subscribed many different topical applications which had no success with resolving my painful problem.

Then as luck would have it, I was picking up boxes of Aloe Products for delivery with TNT Transport company (I am a driver) for Aloe Vera Australia and met the director Mr Saul Goodman who recommended that I use the Aloe Vera products that his company was supplying.

I obtained the Aloe liniment and also the Aloe Gel and did alternate applications with both products and was completely relieved to say that I received immediate pain relief and furthermore after one week the inflammation was diminishing. It is now 3 weeks and the red raw inflammation is all healed and I am back to normal. (see photo)

Thank you as I am so grateful that I discovered this natural method to resolve my very irritating condition.


 Steve from TNT Transport

Aloe Vera Gel for Radiation Treatment

Hi Saul,

This is to let you know about the results of using aloe vera gel during cancer radiation treatment.

Radiation treatment for cancer frequently causes skin damage. I was particularly vulnerable because the skin over the tumours was already partially damaged and grafted skin was also being radiated. Even so, the doctors were amazed at how well the skin stood up to the radiation and how well it recovered afterwards and this was in large part due to using Aloe Vera Australia aloe vera gel immediately after each treatment.

The importance of the gel was confirmed when one day I forgot to put it on and by the time I got home, some skin had rubbed off and I had a red graze like patch. I was then extremely careful to use the gel every time and no further problems occurred and the patch eventually healed.

You are welcome to quote me or if you want to rephrase this, send back what you want to say so I can agree to it.

However I do not want you to use my name because many people do not know I have cancer and at the moment I don’t want it generally known.

However, you can use only the first name and only a variation of the spelling of my first name. If quoting me, please use the name ‘Megan’.

As long as you have my details on record it is completely ethical and legal to use a synonym..

Also I suggested you send me some cards or brochures to give the nurses and doctors at the hospital but you sent me only 2 cards.

Brochures would be better. Do you have any brochures for the Aloe gel?

I don’t need any more gel at the moment but if you want to send me some brochures to hand out at Sydney Hospital, then please post them

Thank you



Aloe Gel for Skin Cancer application

Hi Saul

I was to have a ski cancer (not a melanoma ) removed from my back . The Doctor said we could leave it but if it becomes a problem then he could remove it.
It was a raised sore and would bleed if it got knocked .

Any way, I used your Aloe Vera Skin Gel and after a few weeks the sore had all but disappeared .
When I showered I would remove any scab and apply the gel .

I had an appointment with the skin specialist to remove the sore, but when he saw it he said it has settled down nicely and just sprayed it and sent me on my way.
The Gel saved me the inconvenience of surgery.
I have a sun spot on my leg which I am now treating with the gel .That will be a good test as I have had that on one my leg for years .

I do have before and after photos of the sore on my back which I can send you if you are interested .



Aloe Gel on Bruises.

The gel is working very well on a bruise on my leg and reducing slowly thanks a lot Saul.


Aloe Vera Gel – My dogs itch

Hello Saul,

I purchased a dog 4 years ago and for 3/12 years he SUFFERED from allergies to just about everything. I have taken him to a skin specialist (thousands of dollars) and he was put on 6 mths of injections but to no avail. I was looking on the internet for bulk Aloe vera and found your site.

I ordered 2kg of aloe vera off you and started to treat him with this gel. I would get a handful of the gel and rub it into his bare parts of his body…I did this for 3 weeks every day. I noticed an improvement in one week.

I only have to top up every now and then because he lets me know when he’s itchy. He’s so placid now and not in distress because of the itching and has blossomed into a gorgeous dog.

Thank you so much for this welcomed remedy. I only used 1kg for that treatment and am on the second one now.

Thank you soooo much!

 Virginia (North QLD)

Aloe Gel on Rashes and for Hair and Scalp

Hi Saul,

I am enjoying the Aloe Vera powder.

I have been also using the Aloe gel and the spray bottle of Aloe as well. All feel very cooling and relieving and seem to stop the terrible itch from the rash on my back that I have had for many years.

The relief usually lasts most of the day then I reapply more gel. So I am very grateful for that. In the last eight years I have tried dozens of products for the inflammation and itch but the gel is the most effective.

You mentioned you had suggestions for my hair. Most of my hair is not too bad at the moment although there are small bald patches behind my ears. But by the end of the summer my scalp becomes red and the hair gets very thin especially on the top of my head. I moult in the autumn and the hair regrows in the winter! This has happened for the last three years and I am hoping to prevent it this summer. I am taking Aloe internally. I am using one teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water each day. Is that the right amount?

If you have any other suggestions I would be welcome them.

Thank you also for the Aloe Vera fertiliser. I am putting it on the flowers and the veggies.

With kind regards,

Hello Margaret,

Thank you for your feedback. Appreciated!

Yes thats a good dose rate for you to drink with the Aloe Powder and it will help over time.

Internal regeneration of cells can take months and years to really see a significant result.

I also recommend to spray the Aloe mist spray into your scalp. You can also thin the Aloe Gel with some water and massage it into your scalp.

Kind Regards



Aloe Vera Gel for midge mite bites

Dear Saul,

Many thanks for the gifts you sent me with the order which arrived yesterday.I am using the Aloe Gel to help in the treatment of a serious liver condition so the purity and potency is vital, otherwise the effect may not live up to the potential of the plant.I am also trying to grow as much fruit and vegetables as I can so I can get them straight from the garden free from contamination and grown in optimum soil conditions, so the Aloe Bio Fertilizer is a most welcome and timely gift.I have already trialled the Aloe Skin Gel on midge mite bites and found it relieved the itch immediately.Thanks again Saul,I hope we can do some more business.

Kind Regards



My clients are seeing great results in their horses with the horses coping with stress much better and looking healthier. I have one client in particular with a horse that has suffered very poor health the last two years and he began looking very uncomfortable, and quite tucked up in his hind end, but once on the Aloe Vera he has improved hugely and looks comfortable once again.

Another client had not been able to get a saddle on her horse for 6mths. The horse was showing signs of ulcers so I suggested the Aloe Vera Powder. The client had a saddle on the horse after four weeks on the Aloe Vera.


Aloe Vera Powder for Racehorses

Thanks Saul,

I am happy with aloe vera powder product for our racehorse stock.

Our horses that have been on the Aloe Vera look better and in the whole are preforming well.
My wife has mentioned her own hair quality has also improved.
Do I go straight to paypal with your email for the payment to purchase more Aloe Powder.


Kind Regards

 Keith Reidy (Missillac France)

Owner’s Horse scanned “ulcer free” at Adelaide University Trials

Hi Aloe Vera Australia,

I am not a business, so am not sure whether or not I am able to purchase from you, but I do wish to buy a 1kg bag of aloe vera powder to use for ulcer treatment in my horses.

One of my horses was a participant in a study that is still running at the Roseworthy Campus of Adelaide University and she scanned with 3 ulcers, was treated with your powder and scanned ulcer free after 6 weeks.

Because of this success, I wish to use the powder on my other horses, in order to be sure they are ulcer free.

Please let me know if I can order this and how much.

Cathy Smith, my co admin from Aussie Horse Nutrition on facebook, told me she has been talking to you. I have already been telling people about my mare’s success and that the powder was sourced from you.

Thank you for your time,

Aloe Vera Australia response to above email…..Hello Anne,

Thanks sincerely for your email.

Yes you are correct, as our Quality Organic Aloe Vera Powder was used in that trial at the University of Adelaide.

I was extremely confident that all the horses that were using our product in the trial would all receive excellent results as we only supply a highly therapeutic Aloe Powder that is very high in the healing Polysaccharides content.

In fact our Aloe Powder is a unique blend of Aloe Vera Dehydrated powder (requires 1,000 KG Aloe Leaves to make 1KG) and also Aloe Vera Spray Dried Powder (requires up to 200 KG Aloe Leaves to make 1KG) Our product is a super concentrate that works and this is why we have a 100% money back guarantee!

It is the same product that is also used for humans and you can see the results with humans on this link… (we dont make them up as they are all 100% genuine)


So our product is proudly tested on humans so thus it is 100% safe for all Equine and animals!

Looking forward to offer you excellent service.

Kind Regards


 Anne Hughes

Happier and less grumpy horses, now ulcer Free

Hi Saul,

My horses have been doing really well on the 400gm Aloe Powder that I ordered from you about 8 weeks ago. I’ve also been taking it myself and have noticed a difference.

I’ve been giving it to 4 of my horses, two get 1/2 teaspoon of powder twice a day, 2 get 1/2 a teaspoon only once a day. I have noticed improvements in ulcer symptoms in the horse I purchased it for, and surprisingly, in one of my other horses who I didn’t realise HAD ulcers, until she seemed happier after about 5 days, and is now far less grumpy. Have also noticed improved hoof quality growing down from the coronet band in my riding horse who had ulcers.

I usually buy all my herbal products in bulk for my horses, as I have quite a few, hence I am now requesting 1kg packs please.

Love your product, and am already recommending the powder to my friends and clients Smile

Thank you,


Aloe Vera for plants 1.

Jan 2014

Hi there, I would like to know the cost of your 5 Ltr Organic liquid soil improver and fertilizer please and postage to Peachester 4519, Sunshine Coast. I bought a 1 Ltr bottle from an expo and notice the difference in my plants.

Thank you


Aloe Vera for plants 2.

hi Saul

….happy to receive your mail. pls let me know how can i get aloe vera fertilizer in Myanmar..its great!, my plants and garden is amazing grow

 Kyawh Kyawh (Myanmar)

Aloe Vera for plants 3.

Hi Saul

Just wanted to let you know that we thought your Aloe Vera BioFertilizer product was very good as where I had applied it we had an abundance of earthworms and very good growth. A very good product thanks.



Aloe Vera Biofertilizer – Nursery Business Australia

We have been using Sunland Aloe Vera Fertilizer throughout winter on or potted colour lines and have been surprised at the great results we have been getting.

It has improved our quality of product and growth in our production stock and we are very satisfied with this product

Yours sincerely

 Luke Sullivan – www.sullivansnursery.com.au

Click here to see Luke’s letter

Aloe Vera Bio-Fertilizer on FERNS

Hi Saul

I love using and seeing the results that I am getting by using your Aloe Vera Biofertilizer.

Do you have or have you ever thought of supplying a snap-on hose applicator?

The reason that I suggest it is because I have been using a old miracle gro applicator with the Aloe Biofertilizer and I am getting excellent results using this (especially on ferns which can easily burn) every fortnight or so but I am concerned that I maybe using too much product from a wastage point of view. I originally purchased a 1lt bottle from you and put a capful of the Aloe Biofertilizer in the applicator which I think holds 800ml of water – I feel that this lasts for about 12-15 minutes of watering.

I’m passionate about sub tropical gardening and grow many (and privately sell) palms, cordylines, aroids and lots of foliage plants, just an enthusiast. I also work for a private school and part of my responsibilities are creating and maintaining the grounds on 2 campuses.



Aloe Biofertilizer – Almost Immediate results seen

Dear Saul,

We are enjoying the products you sent us.

My wife is seeing almost immediate results after having applied your Aloe Fertilizer to some of her garden plants. Seems like a great product, and we’ll be ordering more.

I will send a recommendation for your product to Munch Crunch Organics today in case you hadn’t contacted them.

All the best


Aloe Fertilizer for Olives

Hello Saul

I’m loving the Aloe Bio-Fertilizer & I am running low. I was hoping to secure another 200 litres of the Bio Fertilizer please ASAP. If not possible in 20 litre containers then larger containers is fine. Hope you are well & look forward to speaking.


 John (Olive tree grower – Queensland)

Aloe Vera for Sustainable Agriculture

Please click here for many more reports of Aloe for plants.

Hydroponics Systems – Aloe BioFertilizer

We have been applying 2.5ltrs Aloe Biofertilizer per 10,000ltrs on a weekly basis or split applications.

At these rates it’s been constant results within 2 week’s, first visual on the roots. These tests are being applied in N.F.T systems.


Aloe Biofertilizer – Lettuce

Hi Saul,

The aloe fertiliser went very well and everything grew much larger than previously especially the cos lettuce which was 2 1/2 times larger than ever before.

Pest control was a LOT better!!!!!!!!!!
In all, highly successful.



Aloe BioFertilizer Vs Seaweed Concentrates part 1.

Hello Saul,

The Aloe Vera Bio-Fertilizer seems to help the pot plants grow well, better than those Seaweed concentrates available in local garden store.

Do you have any recommendation for a fungus problem on Blueberry plants?

I prefer not to use any chemicals.



Aloe BioFertilizer Vs Seaweed Concentrates part 2.

These photos of radish plants show the results from seed.

I used a Seaweed Concentrate called S–sol and compared it with the Aloe Biofertilizer.

The radish all had the same sunlight each day and the fertilizer was applied once every 10 days with the same amount applied at 100:1

I will let the photo explain the result …. Click here!