YES we supply Organically Grown Medicinal Grade Aloe Vera “Fresh from the Farm” – Full Leaves and Plants for your Personal Health or for Manufacturers who demand 100% Preservative Free and Zero Additives.

  1. We have several Aloe plantations in Australia and we can supply up to 20 tonnes (20,000 kilograms) of fresh Aloe leaves at short notice (if the season is good)
  2. We supply Fresh Aloe Vera leaves as they come in from the farm…7KG Leaves (approx 15 leaves) CLICK HERE to order and 12KG (approx 30 leaves) CLICK HERE to order… Fresh leaves can be frozen for future use and they can also last several weeks and stay fresh inside its sealed skin without refrigeration.
  3. Also if you just wish to purchase some small or full size Aloe Vera Plants for your garden for your own personal health then we can supply you.  Please email.
  4. To guarantee authenticity please only purchase Aloe Vera Products (eg Aloe Juice, Gel, Powder etc) if your supplier (company) can also provide you also with Fresh Aloe Leaves or plants directly from the farm. Only then will you be sure that you have the “REAL DEAL”.

Please email for price list and options to

Group Aloe Photo