YES we supply Organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Plants for growers, and also Fresh Aloe Leaves for Manufacturers or for Personal Health

  1. We have several Aloe plantations in Australia and we can supply up to 20 tonnes (20,000 kilograms) of fresh Aloe leaves at short notice (if the season is good)
  2. Additionally we also have over 100 HA of Organic Aloe Vera plantations in Bali and can supply up to 1 Million Small Aloe Plants (Pups) for your Aloe Industry project.
  3. Also if you just wish to purchase some full size plants for your garden for your own health then we can supply you. We can also supply small quantities of fresh Aloe Leaves and send to you for your good health.

Please email for prices to

Group Aloe Photo