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Coconut oil may be good for the skin because it is rich in oils and very moisturizing. It is easy to apply directly to the skin and poses few known risks.

Researchers are looking at coconut oil as a possible topical treatment for chronic skin inflammation. However, studies into the benefits of coconut oil in the diet are ongoing. ¹

Let’s explore these two skincare ingredients and how they can help you get radiant skin.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


Coconut oil for clear, radiant skin

Known as an elixir in Ayurveda, virgin coconut oil is an exotic, magical solution to getting flawless skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes dry and burned skin while also moisturizing it. All these benefits make virgin coconut oil worth a try for your skin. Let’s look at some of the benefits of virgin coconut oil for skin:

  1. Reduces ageing: which makes your skin firm and younger by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Has anti-inflammatory properties:allow virgin coconut oil to cure sunburn and itchiness and neutralise inflammation.
  3. Cures infections:It can be used to treat skin problems caused by bacteria, fungus-like itchy skin, flakiness, redness, or fungal infections. It also reduces breakouts and acne.
  4. Lightens pigmentation: Applying coconut oil on the under-eye region can also help you get rid of dark circles.

This luxurious and silky body lotion will moisturize your skin and start a whole new affair with your body.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


Aloe vera for flawless skin

Commonly reared as a house plant, aloe vera is magical when it comes to skincare and haircare. Aloe vera, in its purest form, is known not only to cure all skin issues naturally without drying it, but also for giving you spotless and clear skin. Let us look at some benefits of aloe vera for the skin.

  • Natural moisturizer:Aloe vera is a natural, lightweight, and non- greasy moisturizer.
  • Cures sunburn:Aloe vera is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps retain the moisture in your skin cells and forms a protective layer on burnt skin to help it heal faster.
  • Lightens marks and blemishes:A prime component in many skincare products, aloe vera lightens and reduces scars and blemishes from your skin and face.
  • Reduces acne:Aloe vera has antimicrobial properties that cure pimples without harming the skin.

With their complementing properties, the combination of virgin coconut oil and aloe vera can do wonders for the skin. Here is how you incorporate them in your skincare routine.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


Aloe vera-coconut oil moisturizer

Both aloe vera and coconut oil help retain moisture and nourish the skin. An aloe vera-coconut oil moisturizer can thus help ward off all dryness and flakiness and make your skin clear, supple, and flawless. To make an aloe vera and coconut oil moisturizer


Why you should look for coconut oil in your body lotion?

Coconut butter and oil alike have been used as a natural moisturizer for centuries, especially by those living in tropical climates where coconuts are abundant. Coconut oil acts as an occlusive layer, meaning it locks moisture into the skin like a protective seal and prevents transepidermal water loss (i.e., the evaporation of water through the skin).

Aloe-Coconut has moisturizing power of coconut without leaving your skin feeling too slick—in fact, the consistency feels downright luxurious.

If you’ve tried to slip on clothing after applying body lotion, you likely find the experience nothing short of frustrating. To avoid this sticky situation, look for ingredients that add slip to the formula, like coconut oil (and aloe, as a bonus!). The benefits of this oil go far beyond the sensorial experience, including easing inflammation and contributing to a healthy skin barrier. If you’re in the market for a new lotion, check out our Aloe Vera & Coconut Moisturizer.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


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