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Ageing isn’t what it used to be. If you picture yourself becoming frail or sickly, banish that image. New research tells us that the keys to living longer and staying healthier are in our hands. 

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


If our grandparents had only known what we know now about health and ageing, they might have lived longer and stayed more active later in life. They couldn’t reap the many benefits of the extraordinary research that has transformed the concept of ageing but you can.

Start with the revolutionary idea that you don’t have to get sicker as you get older. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. By taking small steps to protect your health right now, you can lead a vibrant life into your eighties, nineties and, perhaps, beyond.


Potential Health Benefits of Aloe Vera for Seniors


Your plan for good health, gets right down to what you can do for your body now – small steps you can take to feel and look better, and live longer. For example, Eating to age well, you will find that eating a few walnuts every day might reduce your risk of a heart attack by as much as 40 percent plus adding Aloe Vera Juice at your diet keeps your body in prime condition for years to come.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


Did you know that drinking two to three glasses of Aloe Vera Juice a day may help to lower your blood pressure? That Aloe Juice protect you against heart attack? That Aloe Juice may guard against colon cancer? with this Aloe Juice you will be well on your way to staying healthy for life.

Aloe vera juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals. This lowers oxidative stress on your body and reduces the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Aloe vera juice is also an excellent source of:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta-carotene
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium


“You’re just getting older” is no longer an acceptable excuse from your doctor, so don’t use it yourself. Ageing is not a disease.



Don’t expect disability In one

American study, people who exercised, controlled their weight and avoided smoking, lived longer than those who didn’t. They also had fewer disabilities and developed them later in life, so they had fewer unhealthy years overall.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia

Don’t expect your sex life to end

In a recent survey of 1,384 adults aged 45 and older, more than half of healthy respondents said they had sexual intercourse once a week. In a study of people age 60 or older, 80 per cent of those with partners had sex at least once a month. What’s more, older people consistently report more satisfaction with their sex lives than young people. Writing in Passionate Marriage, David Schnarch, Ph.D, suggested that your love life at 60 can be better than it was at 20. ‘This is a time when people have the best sex in their lives, and it all has to do with maturity’ he says.

Aloe vera juice contains high levels of magnesium, which is a vital nutrient for nerve and muscle use. Magnesium helps your body with more than 300 different enzyme reactions, including those that regulate your blood pressure. It also helps regulate heart rhythm.

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia

You are in control

As you get older, remember that you can remain active and productive. You might not run a marathon – but then again, you might. You wouldn’t be the first person to astonish the world with physical feats once considered the province of youth alone. Today it’s clearer than ever that we have to ‘use it or lose it. Activity of all kinds – physical, mental, social and spiritual – can slow or even reverse the ageing process. So can simple acts such as eating what’s good for you. Research proves that it’s never too late to start. So start now.

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For decades Aloe Vera Australia has been supplying excellent quality Aloe Vera extract for the domestic, commercial and veterinary sectors in Australia, Europe and Asia. We also contract manufacture our pure Aloe Vera into products for many organizations under their own brand names.

We can supply product in the following concentrations

  • 1:1 Aloe Juice (Micropulp)
  • 1:1 Aloe Juice (Cosmetic Manufacture)
  • Aloe Vera Gel (made with 100% Aloe Vera Extract – Not powder)
  • 100:1 Aloe Vera Dried Powder
  • 200:1 Aloe Vera Dried Powder

Packaging options

  • 4.4Lt & 22Lt plastic drum (Liquid)
  • 1Kg 5KG 20kg plastic drum (Aloe Gel)
  • 1000 Lt ICB (Liquid)
  • 1 and 5 kilo bag lots (Powder)