Packaging plays an important role in safely distributing products throughout today’s society and supply chains. With a consumption of about 40% of plastics and 50% of paper in Europe, the packaging sector is a large user of materials. Packaging has a lot of environmental impacts, while it also represents a significant cost in the current supply system. Reusable packaging has been suggested as an option to significantly reduce environmental impacts. In this paper, we review the trends in reusable packaging and the literature on reusable packaging to generate insights into the current state-of-the-art knowledge and identify directions for research and development. This can help to better understand the key factors underlying the design and impacts of more sustainable packaging systems. ¹

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia


It Help the Environment

One of the best perks of using reusable items is that you will help the environment by reducing waste.  It is truly a simple practice that you can add to your lifestyle to make the world a better place.  Resuable containers help to fight pollution, reduce waste, and reduce energy consumption typically used when creating new materials.  This decreases the need for additional plastic manufacturing, and it leads to an increase in the use of other, safer materials for the environment. ²


How Aloe Vera Australia help the Environment

The things we do to assist with the environment are listed below…we do our best!


1. We place a sticker on each bottle to request each client to reuse the bottle and recycle.





2. Our bottles are very nice for re-use unlike people that purchase tube type products as they are not possible to refill.





3. We supply bulk bottles of Aloe stocks so clients can keep the smaller bottles and then buy the bulk size to refill in the already used bottles.





4. Otherwise clients can simply buy bulk from us immediately and pack in their own bottles that they already have at home.




5. 95% of our parcels are sent in biodegradable boxes. We eliminated a long time ago the white plastic bags that we previously sent orders / parcels in.






6. All the fill material we add in our parcels is called Environfill made from corn. When water hits it, it dissolves. Birds and animals could also eat it. (I also have a snack of them sometimes when I forget to bring lunch – Not so tasty so its best to add some salt if you wish to try it)




7. We are the only company in Australia that sends our Fresh Aloe Vera leaves and Aloe Plants directly from our Chemical free farms. Sent in Biodegradable Boxes

This option above uses no plastic so this could be the best option for many people wishing to use no plastic..You can also grow your own Aloe Vera and never need to order again and avoid the smallest amount of plastic. Warning: Aloe Vera can sometimes die if you grow in very cold weather.





8. We promote sustainable agriculture and supply organic chemical free fertilizers.





9. We give back, with generous donations to organizations that are improving the life of other disadvantaged peoples on earth.




Website to order:

Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia




High Quality FRESH  Medicinal Aloe Vera Leaves and plants are now available and arriving from our Certified Chemical free Queensland Farms on a regular basis.

Please order your preference below.


Option 1.

3KG Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves Medicinal (approx 9 leaves) $45 plus $15 Delivery



Option 2.

7KG Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves Medicinal (approx 20 leaves) $80 plus $15 Delivery


Option 3.

12KG Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves Medicinal (approx 35 leaves) $125 plus $15 Delivery



We also supply bulk quantities with 300KG Fresh Aloe leaves per Visy Box for commercial clients. Please email for prices.

Remember: To guarantee authenticity please only purchase Aloe Vera Products (eg Aloe vera Juice, Gel, Powder etc) if your supplier (company) can also provide you also with Fresh Aloe Leaves or plants directly from the farm. Only then will you be sure that you have the “REAL DEAL”.


Aloe Vera Australia Products. Please click here… Aloe Vera Australia