Natural Aloe Vera and it many properties have been known to man for many, many years, but it will be of benefit to you if we list the naturally occurring compounds and constituents found in the gel, together with their benefits. These benefits are also available in any product where the gel is a constituent part of that product.

IngredientsBenefits and/or Functions
99% Aloe Vera Barbadensis Gel from leaf of plant

Constituent Elements:

Amino Acids
• AlanineGood functioning of skin’s adrenal glands.
• AsparagineHelps maintain balance in the central nervous system.
• Aspartic AcidFor heart & blood vessels.
• GlutamineAn anti-gastial duodenal ulcer drug found abundantly in Aloe Vera Juice. Readily passes the blood/brain barrier. Helps maintain proper pH-alkalinity, and healthy digestive track. Aids the body during periods of stress. Prevents muscle wasting.
• GlucineFor the immune system
• HistidineFor hearing & nerve cells.
• IsoleucineRegulates metabolism.
• LeucineEssential in helping the body build other amino acids. Lowers blood sugar levels. Aids in increasing growth hormone production.
• MethionineLiver & kidney cleanser & regeneration.
• ProlineFor natural emulsifying.
• ThreonineAssists metabolism & assimilation, intestinal & digestive tract function.
• ArginineFor burning fat & muscle building.
• Glutamic AcidFor brain health.
• CysteineHair growth & life span extension.
• HydroxyprolineFor natural emulsifying.
• LysineFights herpes & simple viral infections.
• PhenylalanineFor tissue maintenance & normal growth.
• SerineTissue cleansing in lungs and bronchia.
• TyrosineFor alertness & better memory.
• ValineThe spark of mental vigour.
• AAntioxidant – protects the body against heart disease, cancer, eye damage.
• B1 – ThiamineSkin, eyes, hair, heart function, nerve tissue, muscles, brain, circulation.
• B2 – RiboflavinAssists with carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism, antibody & red blood formation, healthy eyes, hair, skin, nails.
• B3 – NiacinamideNervous system, dermatitis, diarrhoea, gastro-intestinal disturbances, dementia, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, memory impairment.
• B6 – PyridoxineDermatitis, insomnia, weakness, irritability, kidney stones.
• C – Ascorbic AcidNormal cell function, immune system, colds, flu.
• DGrowth in children; kidney & liver disease.
• E – d-Alpha TocopherylHeart, lungs, eyes, liver, skin, infertility, circulation, scar tissue, muscles.
• IronHaemoglobin & myoglobin, growth, teeth, skin, nails, bones, fatigue.
• CalciumBone structure, teeth, blood clotting, nervous system, insomnia.
• CopperHelps fuel energy production, prevent anaemia & bone disease.
• PotassiumBody waste disposal, oxygen to brain, blood pressure, diabetes, heart muscles, nervous system, teeth.
• SodiumEssential for body cell & fluid functions.
• ManganeseDiabetes prevention, muscle strength, male potency, breast milk stimulant, utilises Vitamins B1 & E, aids metabolic processes.
• CholineBreaks down fat deposits, helps prevent atherosclerosis & heart disease.
• MagnesiumNervous system, memory, learning ability, sleep, menstrual cramps, aids Calcium & phosphorus metabolism, nervous system, heartbeat regulator, digestion, bones, arteries, heart, teeth.