To give you an idea of the incredible ability of our High Quality Aloe Vera Juice then please see the attachments including a movie and emails below from just one of our thousands of clients that love horses. This is more proof of the potency of our Aloe Vera Juice not only for humans but also the animal kingdom. This example below shows the way the Aloe really works, as the Horse is just responding to the nutrition and natural healing power of the Aloe Vera, and does not doubt or question it.


Feb 11, 2021, 9:02 PM

Hello Saul,
Thank you so much for the return call and thank you for the 30 day account.
Can I please urgently order 1 x 400g powder and 1 x 4ltr juice
Attached is a pic of my horse who is really suffering from Ross river and multiple abscesses
Chloé Smith

Hi Saul,
Thank you so much for sending the goods.
They may not arrive until Monday but I’ll try to keep him going until then.
He’s not in a good way at all, I’m really looking forward to getting it into him and helping him, he’s not ready to go yet so I’ll try as long as he does.
I’ll keep you updated on his progress
Chloé Smith

Feb 15, 2021, 11:28 AM

Hi Saul,
I’m so sorry to be a bother but I was just wondering if there was tracking on the package?
i’m not sure how long my boy will last before he can’t recover.
Kind Regards
Chloe Smith

Feb 26, 2021, 7:10 AM

Hi Saul,
I’d just like to give you an update on my horse, he’s been lame since September last year and  laying down since the 4th of January.
Extreme puss exiting all four feet and and eye, he even started having seizures because of the pain.
After just three days on the Aloe he was up, got his appetite back and walked out of his stable. He hasn’t grazed for 5 months.

He brings me to tears every day now just seeing him recover so dramatically.
I can’t thank you enough for sending me your product when you did as I don’t think he would have survived another week.
I’ve attached a short video of the first time he’s walked. VIDEO Please See Below
Kindest Regards Chloe