Sometimes we may not have the fresh aloe vera leaves in stock because of either a shortage of rain or logistics issues from the farm. However we can still serve you as we have an urban farm in Brisbane that can still supply you medicinal Organic Aloe plants (approx 500-600mm in size) for eating. See photo above that shows how we cut off the roots and send the leaves easily in a box ready for you to eat or juice up.
The full plant can be consumed internallyWhen you receive the plant you can store the plant in a cool location for a few months without deterioration – (do not store it in a refrigerator unless you have already cut the leaf and exposed it to air) If you wish, you can prepare all the leaves from the plant at once and bleed out the yellow sap (aloin) by cutting a small amount off the top and bottom and the side spikes and stand the leaves in a container.
After approx 30 mins you can filter out the inner gel and place them in small freezer bags or containers to freeze for future use.  When you are ready to use, take out of the freezer bag and defrost for a short while and place the gel in a blender with some clean water to convert to juice and consume. Some people like to add in other juice with the mix like fresh watermelon or 100% coconut water or orange juice etc etc. Experiment and enjoy.
The full sized plant could keep you going for approx. 6-8 weeks depending on how much you consume.
Shipping on 1 x 500-600mm plant/leaves with roots removed is approx. $24.50 (remote regions shipping can be higher so always ask for the quote first please.)
Please contact us at or if you woul like purchase 1 or 2 plants/ leaves and we will invoice you and send it ASAP