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If you’re not using aloe vera for your dog (or other pets), you could be missing out on some very important benefits.

Aloe vera has a multitude of benefits for humans. It clears up skin problems and can even help treat certain inflammatory conditions. Because it works wonders for a variety of human conditions, some pet parents may wonder if it’s okay to give aloe vera to their pets. The use of aloe vera, whether topically or orally, is indeed safe for your furry buddy and giving them extracts from the plant is beneficial to their well-being. ¹

Ingesting aloe vera is believed to have a number of benefits for humans, as well as some animals. It contains several vitamins and other nutrients that help boost an animals immune system, making them more resistant to diseases. Some pet owners may mix a small amount of aloe vera juice in with their dogs’ food. ²

Some veterinarians also recommend aloe vera for dogs after a surgical procedure. The gel can be applied to the healing surgical incision. It will help promote healing and a speedy recovery, as well as relieve some itching in the area. Small amounts of this plant extract will not usually harm a dog if it ingests it while licking the wound. ²


The below testimonial from a user of our Aloe Vera Juice for Animals demonstrates the success of our products:

“Good Morning Aloe Vera Australia,

I just thought I’d give you an update on my precious little dog Mimi, she had major surgery to remove cancerous tumours.

She had to have two surgery’s planned over 6 months to give her time to head and her skin grow back.

The first picture was the day of her surgery on the 16th of July,

The 2nd picture was on the 11th of August, the vets were astounded at the rate it healed and she was able to have her 2nd surgery 8 weeks after and not 6 months.

I was giving her 1ml of the juice morning and night. That’s it!

I have since given the small animal vet herself some for her own animals and also the equine vet I used to diagnose my horses colitis as it has healed and he’s back to normal.

Thanks again for this beyond amazing product, I regularly tell friends and social media where to get it for any issues they may have.

Kind Regards



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