4.4 Litres Organic Aloe Juice (Micropulp, Liquid Gel)


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  • Aloe Vera Juice (Liquid Gel) obtained from the inner leaf of Aloe Barbadensis Variety.
  • Grown Organically in rich & fertile volcanic soils. No chemicals used on farm.
  • Aloin (the bitter Sap) is removed professionally during careful processing.
  • Very high in beneficial polysaccharides. Nature’s antioxidant with anti-aging benefits
  • Contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids & trace elements of the living plant. Vitamins: A, B2, B6, B12, C, E,  Minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Chromium & Selenium. Also 20 Amino Acids.

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Postage costs Delivery costs on all orders ”up to 5KG” in Australia are only $15. Orders over 5KG may have an additional freight charge if the destination is a remote area. All International Orders need to be quoted for shipping…Please email



Aloe Vera Australia is committed to delivering the Best Quality Aloe Vera available in the world for your health benefits.

To research important information regarding the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera then please view the many valuable articles on this page HERE and also read some of the incredible healing results already experienced by hundreds of satisfied clients HERE

For decades Aloe Vera Australia has been supplying excellent quality Aloe Vera extract for the domestic, commercial and veterinary sectors in Australia, Europe and Asia. We also contract manufacture our pure Aloe Vera into products for many organizations under their own brand names.

We have available professional filling equipment for all sized bottles and tube filling and sealing machinery to assist you with your own branding.

We can supply product in the following concentrations

  • 1:1 Aloe Juice (Micropulp)
  • 1:1 Aloe Juice (Cosmetic Manufacture)
  • Aloe Vera Gel (made with 100% Aloe Vera Extract – Not powder)
  • 100:1 Aloe Vera Dried Powder
  • 200:1 Aloe Vera Dried Powder

Packaging options

  • 4.4Lt & 22Lt plastic drum (Liquid)
  • 1Kg 5KG 20kg plastic drum (Aloe Gel)
  • 1000 Lt ICB (Liquid)
  • 1 and 5 kilo bag lots (Powder)

Additional information

Weight 4 g

40 reviews for 4.4 Litres Organic Aloe Juice (Micropulp, Liquid Gel)

  1. Sonny O’Brien

    Great value for the amount of Aloe Vera juice and provides excellent gut health.

  2. Brent (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this Aloe Vera juice, other companies water down their product.Aloe Vera Australia juice you can actually taste the raw Aloe and you know it is full of medicinal strength.
    I purchased for my Diverticulitis to keep it under control and reduce inflammation. This Juice is doing a very good job with this.
    Highly recommend this product and always looking to support Australian companies.

  3. Marianna Edwards

    Highest standards, amazing quality organic aloe vera juice at amazing prices. I am so very grateful to discover this brand, and I certainly recommend it for anyone looking to dramatically improve their health.

    I started using Aloe Vera Australia’s micropulp juice to elliviate stomach problems. After venturing into an ill-researched vegan journey in 2018, I ended it in 2020 due to my health absolutely collapsing. My hormones were a mess but my stomach acids felt non existent. I could no longer digest almost anything without a horrible reaction – especially meat which i needed to re-introduce for my hormone health. I couldnt combine foods, couldnt even digest boiled veg. No amounts of probiotics, detoxes or herbal remedies fixed the issue. I honestly thought I was doomed to only eat plain rice and suppliments the rest of my life.

    Until a friend recommended this juice. After 2 months of 30-60ml each morning, i was shocked when I realised a couple months in and my stomach ailments had… just stopped! Now its a staple and I can literally eat anything and everything again. Ive put on a healthy 10 kilos since, and love every inch of that weight, because I can finally enjoy my food again. Thanks Saul!

  4. RONALD DRAKE (verified owner)

    I used Aloe Juice many years ago knew it properties and benefits but it became too costly
    Finding Aloe Vera Australia Organic Pure Juice has helped not only my energy levels but also a gut issue
    and equally as good is its pricing and fast delivery service
    I opted to triple the dosage for the first month and was amazed with the results
    Thank you Saul for great pure products great prices and brilliant service

  5. Fiona

    Have been using the juice instead of fresh leaf while I travel and it’s been great. I’m a year out of serious cancer treatment and surgery and your products continue to support my body as I recover.

  6. Lulu M

    Dear Sir,
    We absolutely love your aloe products and have been buying them consistently for a few months now. We think your products and company are absolutely wonderful and we are very happy and love the quality products you sell.
    Thank you for helping not only my husband and I with your magical aloe but our dogs and horses too.
    Kind regards, Lulu

  7. Ravi (verified owner)

    The best aloe juice that one can get in Australia. Period. Highly beneficial to your gut. Results are astonishing and rejuvenating. It’s a bit expensive though. Otherwise it’s the best aloe juice one can get.

  8. Mira R (verified owner)

    I just have to say that I am a person who asks a LOT of questions – some people can’t handle it but Saul Goodman was extremely forthcoming with answers and did not make me feel like a nuisance. I really appreciate this. I have just ordered and feel confident in Aloe Vera Australia’s products before even trying them.

  9. robert martin (verified owner)

    I have purchased the aloe vera juice and its great
    The aloe vera juice is superb quality and a great subtle flavour
    I use the aloe juice to lower my pain and inflammation and protect and strengthen my heart after heart surgery in sept 2021
    I feel more alive after taking it twice a day morning and night
    I take aloe vera juice before exercise and i can exercise for longer

  10. Mira (verified owner)

    REVIEW for Aloe Vera Australia 20/02/2022 – by Mira

    Aloe Vera Australia certainly has an honest passion in its ethics as a company and about the Aloe Vera plant itself. And looking at those fields with rows and rows of Aloe Vera, one gets the sense of a good honest occupation and hardworking souls.

    I see what Aloe Vera Australia is doing as something honourable. Basically I believe that if one does what’s best for people (and animals) first…. the environment takes care of itself…(and the latter likes a bit of Aloe Vera too!)

    From what I’ve read on the Aloe Vera Australia website and their emails, Saul Goodman is someone who has come out of his own suffering with an innovative and dedicated enterprise that has helped many people, not to mention beautiful animals, who also deserve the best nature has to offer.

    My thinking is, if I keep my own personal “Ecosystem” balanced with good organic input it will do me better service than a whole lot of unnatural interventions. And I really cannot think of a better set of nutrients to “swig down” than the Aloe Vera Juice Micropulp. It’s so “all-inclusive”.

    In this world there are too many choices, just too much of everything …. things like Aloe Vera, essential oils and organics in general, offer a more hopeful simplicity.

    So thank you Aloe Vera Australia for doing what you do.

  11. Deb Colburn (verified owner)

    Amazing Product! Best Natural immune booster on the Market!
    Diagnosed with several auto immune disorders in the past 40 yrs, Fatigue and inflammation have been a constant that has affected my wellbeing mentally, emotionally and physically.This Aloe Vera juice is an organic multivitamin fix, minus the additives that trigger “flares”

  12. Ruth oxenbridge

    I have taken this juice for a little while now and have felt that my headaches are less severe now ,and my energy levels have gone up somewhat
    Another product we love is the massage treatment which truly does lessen the pain on whatever part of the body you have pain. Can even take it away . I love it.
    We are so glad we have found these Aloe Vera products as they are so reasonably priced for the benefits they give. Best wishes

  13. Lauren

    An amazing product and Saul is happy to answer any questions. Highly recommend

  14. Suad (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to have found Aloe Vera Australia. I’ve been suffering from acne throughout my 20s and I still struggle with it now even into my early 30s. I’ve spent so much money on facials and all kinds of products but nothing has really helped in the long term.
    After researching on the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice on internal health and general well-being I decided to start taking it daily. I’ve noticed that my skin is now calm and clear. I’ve also noticed that I don’t get bloated anymore which was a suprise.
    My mother who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and sleeping issues started taking it too and she’s noticed that she’s been sleeping so much better now. Her inflammation and knee pain is slowly improving and she’s not feeling bloated anymore after meals.
    Thank you for producing a wonderful product!

  15. shar

    Fabulous Product. Repeat buyer. Quality product for internal and external products or direct application. Very happy with the results and using for chronic illness.

  16. Ray Homsany (verified owner)

    I have been ordering Aloe Vera Juice and Aloe Vera Gel from Aloe Vera Australia for several years now. The quality of the products and the level of service are both fantastic. I even ordered several Aloe Vera Plants last year and they are flourishing in my garden. Using these products has helped my health both when ill and when well as a preventative measure. Thank you so much Saul.

  17. Maniisha Bluntschli (verified owner)

    I drank one litre of this juice, for the first time, steadily over about 1 week. It felt powerful, strong and very healing to my digestive system. I don’t actually have any issues in my gut, but it felt so wonderful, that I have re-ordered a 4 litre container.

  18. Jodi

    Have been buying the Aloe Juice for a number of years. I make my own products and having a product that you know and trust makes the whole process easier. Knowing how natural the product is for the price you are paying is such piece of mind. The customer service is amazing. Highly recommend the product and the company.

  19. Leanne

    I have been using aloe vera juice for two years, when I started I was very unwell, everything wasn’t working properly, pain, dysfunction and health deterioration was my life. No other medication or product was successful. I take 60 mls every morning first thing, then wait 30 minutes before I drink or eat anything. This product is something everyone no matter how unwell or healthy would benefit from. I have never felt healthier.

  20. Mike

    It’s the best and most natural Aloe Vera juice in Australia!

    My wife and I drink some every day along with my two dogs, and we all highly recommend it for so many reasons too many to list here. Aloe juice is proven drink for good health and longevity.

  21. Marek

    Well worth the effort for acid reflux and digestive issues, where the prescribed medications had limited effect. Consumed daily it also helped with improving quality of sleep. Highly recommended.

  22. Kristina (verified owner)

    We love the Aloe Vera juice, we have it everyday, we use it as an added for our green drink. We have been using for a few years now and wouldn’t use anything else. Always great service and prompt reply and postage.

  23. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Delicious stuff- the taste took a little getting used to but by the end of my 4 litre bottle I loved it and actually craved it.
    I’ve replaced my morning coffee with aloe juice and it’s a brilliant start to the day, giving me energy without a jolt of caffeine and leaves me feeling satisfied for hours. I have a flat stomach for the first time in my life, no bloating and the visceral fat around my organs is gone. My knee arthritis feels almost completely resolved, I feel like I have no inflammation. Aloe juice is the only thing I changed during this time. Highly recommended.

  24. Bec

    I have been having health issues for some time and was recommended by a naturopath years ago to drink aloe juice, though I could not get it when I was living overseas. Now I am back in Australia I am using the aloe vera juice from Aloe Vera Australia and I feel like it is helping my gut a lot.

  25. Glenys Atkinson (verified owner)

    This product is very good quality, doesn’t taste so good but better taken from the fridge. We will continue to take this for the gut and sugar levels….

  26. Julie

    I made enquiries with Saul about his Aloe Vera products when my little puss had gastric issues. Any food ingested would be vomited shortly afterwards due to a compromised digestive system. I’ve been dealing with pools of vomit multiple times throughout the day, every day for the past two months. It’s been a mentally exhausting time for both human and cat. Costly vet visits for short- term nausea injections and special dietary kibble…many $$ later, nothing seemed to have any lasting effect..until I tried Saul’s Aloe Vera juice. I must admit I was sceptical about introducing Aloe into puss’ diet, only because, in my mind, adding anything new into an already-compromised digestive system, would subsequently end-up adding to the problem and extending her recovery period. However, at wits end, I relented. After reading the article on the Britsh cat who was regularly fed Aloe juice and lived to 30 years of age, and Saul’s convincing advice, I decided to give it a go. I raced up to the Yerongpilly store and purchased a bottle of the Aloe Vera Juice from the friendly and helpful team. It only took a day to work its magic. Fortunately, I am so happy that we are now at a three week mark without any ongoing issues. I simply add 5ml into each wet meal. It doesn’t taint the taste or aroma of puss’ wet food so she doesn’t realise she is unwittingly taking her “medicine”. It’s now a part of her ongoing feeding routine. Like all pet guardians, I love her dearly so if Aloe extwnds her life and she also lives to 30 years of age, like the British cat in the article, then it’s a win all around. So, I wanted to write and thank Saul for his wise advice and for convincing me to give it a go. This has now become my life-time commitment to my little companion to ensure she gets the very best Aloe juice for her optimum ongoing health. Again, thank-you.

  27. Kaz (verified owner)

    I do a very intensive HIIT type sport. My joints and muscles recover overnight where previously it used to take three to four days. There is less inflammation and I am definitely more hydrated during the activity. Thank you, Saul for bringing this to us, and Thank you for keeping it natural! …Kaz

  28. Wendy (verified owner)

    A big thank you to Aloe Vera Australia for helping me control a debilitating condition using natural products.
    6 years ago I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and the regular diverticulitis flare ups required massive doses of antibiotics to control. After finishing each course, the painful condition would return within weeks. I preserved with the medicos’ directions until I heard about the therapeutic benefits of regularly ingesting Aloe Vera juice. I haven’t looked back since first adding Aloe Vera juice to my regular diet and those antibiotics are no longer needed. Im happy to advise I haven’t had a serious attack in over 4 and a half years.
    I’ve also noticed an overall improvement in my general health ie my hair and nails are much stronger and my skin is softer and less dry. I attribute these additional improvements to adding the juice to my water intake on a daily basis.
    Thank you Saul – you have saved me from the likelihood of bowel surgery to remove seriously scarred sections; the recommendation for these painful, regular and uncontrolled attacks.

  29. Alandre (verified owner)

    My wife and I have been using products from Aloe Vera Australia for over 3 years now. We start each day with the aloe vera juice and both have had very positive effects. I used to struggle with reflux and my wife from bloated tummy, the juice have made a big improvement on both of us.

  30. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Knowing this product is of the highest standard is very important. I have noticed my husband seems to have more energy now and is able to spend more time being active than previously considering his health issues. I’m impressed by Saul’s excellent customer service, helpful and ready to assist in finding the most suitable product in each situation. Taking the juice and powder as part of a regimen. My husband said ‘something must be working!’ So glad he’s feeling better. Thanks for a wonderful product.

  31. Helen Ma (verified owner)

    I had heard about the good things of aloe juice, but was hesitant to take it up, as it was often described as ‘relieving constipation’, but I had chronic diarrhea. Well, I ended up taking it and interestingly, the diarrhea almost improved immediately. I think what aloe does is that it simply restores your gut health, regardless of your condition / symptoms.

    I was also very impressed by Saul, the man behind his wonderful aloe products, who is extremely thorough and hands-on with his customers.

  32. Lyn Walther (verified owner)

    I have been using your aloe vera for a number of years now. It tastes great and is an easy way to get vitamins and minerals without having to take capsules. I find it very economical to buy the 4 litre container. Recently i purchased the shampoo and conditioner. WOW wonderful. I wished i had found it years ago. The hair booster is great as well. I also use the fertiliser for my vege garden. Highly recommend. I pretty much have used all the products you have. All round, Aloe Vera Australia is a fabulous company to deal with.

  33. Debbie Bainbridge

    I absolutely love this aloe vera juice. I cant thank you enough for producing this high quality product. It tastes great and has helped me with acid reflux, stomach and digestive issues and inflammation. I highly recommend this amazing product.

  34. Penny (verified owner)

    I would like to let you know that the aloe vera juice has indeed settled my heartburn and I’m also giving it to my husband when he has a heartburn issue. Thank you. I’m now going to place 2nd order.

  35. Jacqueline Vlahov

    I have been using this Aloe Vera Juice for some time now. It has been very good for Digestive issues and I have also had success with weight loss whilst using this. I am feeling a lot healthier thanks to this great quality juice.

  36. Sarah (verified owner)

    Both my husband & i have been taking this wonderful Aloe Vera juice for a few months now.
    My husband has really bad diverticulitis flare ups, which at times have landed him in hospital.
    Since taking the Aloe Vera juice, he has not had any flair ups, this is the longest he has not had a flair up in years, its quite amazing.
    He also can eat what he likes with no affect on his diverticulitis since being on the aloe.
    I no longer have to nag him to take it, he does so freely as he knows its really helped.
    He also says he has so much more energy with his workouts at the gym.
    We both done a triple dose for the first 30days, & now we are both on a double dose.
    I have had some relief for my bouts of stomach pains, with far less flare ups or bloating.
    My elderly cat, who has kidney disease is going so well since she has been on the Aloe juice, she also gets it twice a day, shes happy & playful & eating so much better.
    Thank you Saul for supplying such amazing products, your a wealth of knowledge & a pleasure to deal with.
    I have no plans to stop taking the Aloe Vera juice, & will be a customer for life.

  37. MITCH (verified owner)


  38. Craig W (verified owner)

    My wife and I love the Aloe juice, I use it for skin health and my wife for pain relief and both of us for gut health. We highly recommend these Aloe Vera products.

  39. Kimmarie Woolgar (verified owner)

    I started using aloe vera juice when I was in a flare with Crohn’s disease. I drink 60 mils every morning on an empty stomach and have been doing this for quite some time. Within a couple of weeks, I started to feel better within myself. I haven’t had a bad flare since I have been drinking it. I highly recommend it.

    My husband uses the shampoo and conditioner and he loves it.

    I use the gel on my skin and it is very hydrating.

    You really do need to try the products to see how beneficial they are.

  40. elizabeth olero (verified owner)

    i have been using aloe vera for 2 months 50ml twice day and it has changed my gut issues i could not digest food very well due to low stomach acid that caused lots off bacteria in the gut it has helped it so much no bloating candida no flare ups i will continue to drink it

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