1 Litre Organic Aloe Juice (Micropulp, Liquid Gel)


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  • Aloe Vera Juice (Liquid Gel) obtained from the inner leaf of Aloe Barbadensis Variety.
  • Grown Organically in rich & fertile volcanic soils. No chemicals used on farm.
  • Aloin (the bitter Sap) is removed professionally during careful processing.
  • Very high in beneficial polysaccharides. Nature’s antioxidant with anti-aging benefits
  • Contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids & trace elements of the living plant. Vitamins: A, B2, B6, B12, C, E,  Minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Chromium & Selenium. Also 20 Amino Acids.

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Postage costs Delivery costs on all orders ”up to 5KG” in Australia are only $15. Orders over 5KG may have an additional freight charge if the destination is a remote area. All International Orders need to be quoted for shipping…Please email


Aloe Vera Australia is committed to delivering the Best Quality Aloe Vera available in the world for your health benefits.

To research important information regarding the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera then please view the many valuable articles on this page HERE and also read some of the incredible healing results already experienced by hundreds of satisfied clients HERE

For decades Aloe Vera Australia has been supplying excellent quality Aloe Vera extract for the domestic, commercial and veterinary sectors in Australia, Europe and Asia. We also contract manufacture our pure Aloe Vera into products for many organizations under their own brand names.

We have available professional filling equipment for all sized bottles and tube filling and sealing machinery to assist you with your own branding.

We can supply product in the following concentrations

  • 1:1 Aloe Juice (Micropulp)
  • 1:1 Aloe Juice (Cosmetic Manufacture)
  • Aloe Vera Gel (made with 100% Aloe Vera Extract – Not powder)
  • 100:1 Aloe Vera Dried Powder
  • 200:1 Aloe Vera Dried Powder

Packaging options

  • 4.4Lt & 22Lt plastic drum (Liquid)
  • 1Kg 5KG 20kg plastic drum (Aloe Gel)
  • 1000 Lt ICB (Liquid)
  • 1 and 5 kilo bag lots (Powder)

Additional information

Weight 1 g

14 reviews for 1 Litre Organic Aloe Juice (Micropulp, Liquid Gel)

  1. Sonny

    Aloe Vera Juice that is pure and one of the only juices that is not watered down. Thank you so much.

  2. Michelle

    I love this product. I want to buy more. Thanks

  3. Lyn Smith

    Hi Saul
    Thank you for my Aloe Vera juice that you sent to me the other day. As I mentioned on the phone I had bronchitis for the past 4 weeks with no real improvement, every day was the same. I’ve had 6 doses so far and I can honestly say that my condition improved dramatically after 5 doses ! I still felt it a little in my chest this morning but my condition was much, much improved. I really believe in your product and will always promote it when needed.
    And thank you for getting it to me so quickly and always look forward to every dose. I am 60kg in weight and drink 70ml each time..how many doses can I safely take per day while recovering this condition?

  4. Marie Ruperez (verified owner)

    I have been drink this juice now for a week and it has settled my stomach acid and slight bloating, also it tastes quite good, I like the slightly strong taste. I place mine in the fridge and I have it straight up, lovely. Now my mother and daughter are drinking this as well. I find that Aloe Vera Juice is much better for stomach ailments than antacids. Aloe Vera Australia provides me with good customers service and fast delivery, Thank you!

  5. Catherine Ellis (verified owner)

    I am on my 2nd bottle and can really see the results. I feel more energised.
    Also Customer service is 1st class I get instance very quick response to my emails. Thank you Saul.

  6. Betty (verified owner)

    We absolutely love all the products purchased. Hubby and I have been drinking the aloe vera juice and as we can see the 1 litre running out by next week, we have bought the 4 x 4ltr juice.
    We do not have any health problems but believe in conditioning the body so it stays healthy for life.
    Thank you, Saul

  7. Robin (verified owner)

    Wow, I can’t believe the effect this stuff has had on my 72 year old body.
    I’ve had a nasal septum lesion since the early 90’s, and after 24 hours, and a half dozen 30ml doses, it has reduced by more than half. The pain has reduced significnantly. Remembering also that this baby would regularly haemorhage so badly I had to remain over sink somewhere with the water running for five to ten minutes whilst it finished bleeding!
    And, it finally dawned on my this morning that I ought to have put some gel on the lesion also; which I’ve done.
    So, Saul, I am ever so grateful for this ‘blessing’.

  8. Emma

    I have had the Organic Aloe Vera from Saul some years ago and really noticed the difference in my overall health from drinking it. I am about to order more now as I lost touch. Cant wait to get my delivery, specially in this trying time we need to look after the immunity like never before and I know Aloe is PERFECT for that specially the one that Saul sells.


  9. Maniisha Bluntschli (verified owner)

    I purchased one bottle to try it out. I LOVE this stuff! I have not noticed (yet) any changes in my health, but I just love drinking the juice and how I feel afterwards – energised and clean on the inside. It seems to be very pure and potent. I have now ordered 4 litres – so I will be able to get continued benefits in time.

  10. Josephine paranal

    The best Aloe Vera Juice on the market and i have tried 12 other brands

  11. Jan

    have used quality aloe for many years with a ton of great results. In fact I don’t need to buy much from a chemist or get medical needs when using aloe. Many years ago I first used aloe juice and aloe gel for a serious allergy breakout condition on the skin. It controlled it then and still does, reducing the allergy reaction also. Aloe gel got rid of eczma on my hands. I have recently built up the immune system with aloe, benefiting from its huge amount of vitamin and mineral content. I find the aloe powder just as effective. Well done Saul. All your products I use are of great quality and value.
    Thank you.

  12. M

    I’m an avid fan of this juice. I started drinking it for digestive issues (e.g. bloating, constipation etc) and consuming it once a day in the evening (around 150ml) has alleviated many of the symptoms. I’m so amazed by these quick results! Saul provides exemplary customer service too – he answers questions and responds to promptly to emails. Many thanks for this wonderful product.

  13. Sarah (verified owner)

    I think the juice is working. I’ve been taking it for over a year and half now. I have noticed externally my skin is clearer and feels incredibly soft like silk, spots and discolouration on my hands have also disappeared.
    So I’m thinking it’s working internally on my crohns as well , if its working externally it will be internally to.

  14. Sarah (verified owner)

    The juice is working.
    I’ve been taking it for over a year and half now.
    I have noticed externally my skin is clearer and feels incredibly soft like silk, spots and blemishes on the back of my hands have disappeared.
    So I’m thinking it’s working internally on my crohns as well , if its working externally it will be internally to.
    I’m about to buy the body moisturiser, shampoos and conditioner and golden gel, I’m so excited to try them all after great results with the juice.
    I gave my Dad the sample pain relief massage ointment it’s helped his shoulder pain tremendously.
    Thank you.

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